P.L.U.R. Festival 2017



PLUR Festival 2017

They represent a group which support new upcoming talented Dj’s and artists.Our goal is to make through peace love and unity, events that will unite the people of our scene (or not).Influenced by Psy-trance , Progressive Trance and Full On sounds we will make a journey all together to the mystical travel of psychedelic

PLUR Festival 2017

They decided to share plur energy wherever we are, this year it will be in Greece. Together DPS production(Greece) and Addicted Organization(Serbia) will try to create a successful festival in Greece, that brings people together, share the love, gives support to young artists and talents, promote psychedelic culture and music we love so much. Join us on a magical journey where government psychedelic spirit, the place where spreads only plur energy, in the beautiful nature, where you can close your eyes, relax and get away from everyday life and enjoy listening to beautiful music with the beautiful people.

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