Kundalini Festival

    São José dos Ausentes, Rio Grande do Sul Brazil

    Kundalini is a seed that had its origin in 2009, through its learning path, its ascending spiral brought it to the land of cannyons, where it could root its intentions on the planetary awakening, by for creating a space, where each individual could express their freedom through dance, art and music.
    One of the challenges that we stumble across, was that its the first Brazilian festival without alcohol, this began with our intentions, and as a root of our celebration, besides it being our main concept, one of the most important factors was due to the location of the festival, which presented natural risks, that could be fatal, this risks got relatively smaller without alcohol, guaranteeing the safety and harmony of the festival.
    Wrapped in this harmony we float together, so many roads we could have walked, and here we are celebrating life in the land of cannyons, activating the rising of kundalini and expanding the horizons of our consciousness.

    Kundalini is connected to the energy of Shiva and Shakti – the male and female principle, provide this and rule the universe.
    The journey of Shakti starts with the base chakra, awakening and rise all Lord Shiva chakras taken.
    In this union, Shiva and Shakti intertwine. eternal extension of the powers of creation you also provide the universal polarities in all of us: Shiva, the force without limits of pure consciousness, and Shakti, the primordial energy of creation. When Shiva and Shakti combine forces inherent potential Shiva Shakti. Their union is to be manifested at all levels of the eternal state in the heart.
    Shiva Edition 2017 / Shakti Kundalini has to bring its roots in intention aligned all the power of transformation with the primal power of creation.
    You are all welcome to a new planetary awakening phase!

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