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“Wilder” is the brand new project of Nati Assaraf from Israel established in 2017.

Nati is producing electronic music since his early teens (15), he already was involved with few succesfull projects and preformed around the world under few different names.

His first project was named “System Failure” later at 2007 he created together with Or Kopel the succesfull project “Faders” and they released their debut album “Feelings”, some singles & EP’s and afterward Nati left Faders and Or continued with the project.

At 2010 Nati started the project “Q.U.A.K.E” along with Diogo Andrade (DM7, Brazil) focusing into lower bpm’s ranging between minimal to tech house.

Nati has remixed and collaborate with many well known artists such as Vini Vici, Sesto Sento, Vibe Tribe, Bizzare Contact, Major7, Captain Hook, Ticon, Pop Art, Khainz, Bryan Kearney, Chapeleiro, Weekend Heroes and many others. He already preformed in Brazil, Japan, India, South Korea, Mexico and across Europe.

Now Nati takes the all his knowledge about electronic music that he learned, experienced and lived during the years he produced and preformed around the globe into his new project, Wilder.

The debut release “WilderFull Spectrum EP” going to be lunched in February on Mainstage Records, And he is already working on the next releases to be out later on this year, Get ready to be Wilder!


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